Daf Yomi Resources

All Daf – The OU’s newest Day Yomi platform which gives multiple options of shiurim and commentaries.  I personally love this app.  www.AllDaf.com or download the app on your phone.

8 Minute Daf – Excellent 8 minute review of each daf by R’ Eli Stefansky.  Sign up for his WhatsApp Group or just watch the videos on his website at 8minutedaf.com or you can follow this on the All Daf app.

Zichru – Zichru helps you improve your memory of each daf.  You can follow this on Zichru.com, the All Daf app or via WhatsApp by adding 973-440-3013 to your contacts under “Zichru” and then clicking Zichru on WhatsApp and asking to subscribe.

StyleADaf – Very creative cartoon like sheets on each daf by R’ Natan Farber.  Join his WhatsApp group with this link – https://chat.whatsapp.com/K57WsD1Vo3jI3zi44m7ubN – or follow him on twitter at @NatanFarber

Daf Yomi Quiz – These are wonderful Online Quizzes on the Daf that give you a score immediately made by Rabbi Yehuda Balsam – Join the WhatsApp Group here – https://chat.whatsapp.com/EFIYlPy7gFK6z0sKPemNin

TweetTheDaf – Thoughts on each daf – Follow on Twiter at @TweetTheDaf

Daf Hachaim – full length video shiur with sleek charts and illustrations.  It also has a short intro to each daf and a review. www. Dafhachaim.org or download the app on your phone.

The Daf Yomi Advancement Forum – Tons of resources including point by point outlines, review questions and answers, quizzes and more.  http://www.Dafyomi.co.il

Daf Notes and Daf Yomi Digest – Newsletters on each daf including summaries, insights and inspirational stories.  www.Dafnotes.com and www.dafdigest.org

Torah Anytime – The largest library of recorded Torah videos in the world with a large selection of daf yomi shiurim including R’ Moshe Meir Weiss.  www.torahanytime.com or download the app on your phone.