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Vilna Gaon on Shmiras Haloshon

“For every moment one guards one’s tongue, he earns reward that is beyond the comprehension of angels.”  Vilna Gaon citing Midrash …The principle way of meriting the World to Come is through guarding one’s mouth, which is greater than Torah … Continue reading

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A favorite of mine

“The Midrash explains (Yalkut Shimoni, 31) that when Hashem decreed that Moses wouldn’t be allowed to enter the Land of Israel, Moses prayed 515 prayers, until Hashem commanded him to stop praying!  Why?  With one more prayer, Hashem would have … Continue reading

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Look for the Signals

“When people ignore delicate signals, Hashem is forced to catch their attention with louder and much more severe signals.”  ~ The Garden of Emuna

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Important Request

“There are those who acquire wealth but in truth have nothing.” (Proverbs 13:7) The Chofetz Chaim explains, that the above verse speaks of a man who had devoted his entire life to Torah and mitzvos, building a vast reserve of … Continue reading

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Keep on Praying

“Rabbi Chanina says, anyone who prays long enough doesn’t go away empty-handed!” ~ Talmud – Berachot 32b

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A Humble Person

“A humble person realizes that nothing is owed to him, and therefore, he feels satisfied with what he has.  Such a person does not raise his sights to receive what is above him.  He constantly has peace of mind and … Continue reading

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Love Letter

“If you are experiencing trials and tribulations, know that it is simply Hashem trying to start a conversation with you. With emuna, a person can start to see their suffering as a sort of ‘love letter’ from Hashem, telling them: … Continue reading

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