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The Boruch Taam

In the sefer Ohel Boruch, it is related that the saintly Boruch Taam zt”l zy”a (Boruch Frankel Thumim (1760–1828)) was sitting by a bris and was seen to smile for no apparent reason.  Someone came over to him and asked him … Continue reading

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Yosef’s Bloody Coat

“It is conceivably possible that the gentile accusations of blood libels in years past, were the punishment for the deceitful behavior of the brothers who dipped Yosef’s coat into the blood of a goat and then brought it to Yaakov … Continue reading

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True Light

“People become so used to the dark that they think it is actually light.  But on Chanukah we can see what true ‘Light’ really is.” ~ The Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Segulah for Chanukah

There is a minhag brought by the Kedushas Levi, R’ Levi Yitzchok M’barditchev in the name of the Ramban and the Ba’al Shem Tov to say Vi’hi Noam and Yoshev Bi’saser (Tehillim 91) seven times following the lighting, as a segulah for a protection … Continue reading

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Whatever you truly want!

Hashem gives everyone what they really want.  The tzaddik (righteous person) wants the reward for his mitzvot in the World to Come and the punishment for his misdeeds in this world, which he knows is anyway transient and insignificant.  On … Continue reading

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What reveals a person’s real values?

That which excites a man, serves as a test by which his worth is recognized.  When after a banquet one man is enthusiastic over the words of Torah which had been spoken, another praises the songs, and a third lauds … Continue reading

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Yiddish Proverb

Az Got vil nit geben, ken men zich alain nit nemen.  If God does not give, one cannot take.

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Toll Booth Attendants

“Last year I drove Shlomo Carlebach  to a concert engagement in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania . After several minutes of conversation he asked if I would mind if he studied the Talmud for a while in silence. It was clear from his … Continue reading

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A group of orphans were to receive a large inheritance from their father, consisting of money and precious gems.  The executor of the estate instructed them to bring luggage to carry away their shares.  “What!” they exclaimed.  “Such a magnificent … Continue reading

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Hurtful Words

“Our Sages taught that hurtful words are, in fact, a graver sin than defrauding another of money.” – Rambam

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