A group of orphans were to receive a large inheritance from their father, consisting of money and precious gems.  The executor of the estate instructed them to bring luggage to carry away their shares.  “What!” they exclaimed.  “Such a magnificent estate and we must bring suitcases?  Aren’t there any among the items left to us by our father?  “No,” answered the executor.  “Your father bequeathed you a fantastic fortune, but he didn’t leave you even one basket or piece of luggage.  That you must provide for yourself.”

Our Father granted us the most precious legacy – His Torah.  However, we must provide the proper receptacle for that inheritance.  By refining our character and freeing ourselves from the shackles of decadence and narcissism, we shape ourselves into fitting vehicles to bear our Godly heritage.  ~ The Pirkei Avos Treasury

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