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“The purpose of our being in this world is to overcome our forbidden impulses, and we are frequently in a state of conflict.  By controlling our desires for evil, we elevate ourselves.  לפום צערא אגרא – The more difficult the … Continue reading

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Post Yom Kippur Advice

“There are times when a person feels the stirring to return to G-d.  He wants to begin to serve G-d….  At such a moment he has to face the full force of the evil inclination.  It takes great strength and … Continue reading

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“When you are davening in deep concentration and thought, know that prayer is accepted with the amount of concentration it is said with.” ~ R’ David Ben Yosef Avudraham zt”l  (Torah Tavlin)

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If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now

As I have said in the past, I try to keep the quotes short, but when I quote something a little longer, you know it is going to be really good.  The following is an excerpt from R’ Bini Maryles’s … Continue reading

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Don’t Question G-d

“People question G-d, but are certain of themselves.  They should rather be certain of G-d, and question themselves.” ~ R’ Yisrael Salanter zt”l (Torah Tavlin)

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Who Desires Life?

“Which man desires life, who loves days of seeing good?  Guard your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit…” ~ Tehillim 34:13-14.

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Chazal has taught us that one who strives to purify himself is granted Divine assistance.

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Major and Minor

I would first like to wish all of you a happy healthy new year.  May we all be blessed and inscribed for a year of good health, happiness, simcha, parnassa and emuna sheleima. I was always curious why in practically … Continue reading

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Evil Cannot Touch You

“A happy person can also be sad sometimes.  That is OK.  But the most important thing is, while you are sad, don’t stop being happy. As long as you are completely filled with joy, evil cannot touch you.  If you … Continue reading

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Reb Shlomo said that sometimes when you go into the emergency room, you sit down and are patient to be seen. But when you have a really serious medical problem that can’t wait, you go right past the door and … Continue reading

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