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Borgen macht zorgen. Borrow causes sorrow.

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Awesome Story about the Satmar Rav

A man from out-of-town came to Rabbi Yoel Teitlebaum, the Satmar Rav, and asked him for financial assistance.  The man claimed he wa ill, his wife was ill, and his children were ill.  The Satmar Rav gave him a very … Continue reading

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Tear them Down

“Sorrow locks the gates of Heaven. Prayer opens locked gates. Joy has the power to tear down the walls.” ~  Baal Shem Tov

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The Beginning of One’s Decline

“The beginning of one’s decline, G-d save us, is the lack of Avoda in davening, when everything becomes dry and cold and even a mitzva performed by habit becomes burdensome. When everything is rushed. One loses the sense of pleasure in Torah-study. The … Continue reading

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Their Only Power

Do not allow yourself to become upset by what people say or do; they are powerless.  Your reaction is their only power.

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It Doesn’t Come Easy

There are many things that are expected of us… You can’t just say you have [faith] already as an inheritance. You don’t have any thing as an inheritance. You must work at experiential faith, to create a feeling of “Da lifnai mi … Continue reading

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A New Opportunity

If trouble comes upon you and you think that it has come as a punishment for a past lapse, do not be filled with guilt and despair.  Rather, rejoice in this new opportunity to rise up by the medium of … Continue reading

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Better Good and a Little

Besser gut un a bissel aider shlechts un a fuleh shissel. Better good and a little rather than bad and a lot of it.

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A young man once came to Rabbi Noson Tzvi Finkel to announce his engagement.  Noticing that he had a very solemn facial expression, Rav Noson Tzvi lectured him on the importance of having a cheerful expression.  Rabbi Finkel stressed that … Continue reading

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Out of Control

If man were to be without any sense of burden, his life would veer recklessly out of control.  Hashem, therefore, gives him worries and difficulties, leaving him no time or energy for sin and foolishness. ~ R’ Moshe of Kobrin … Continue reading

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