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Lack of Emuna

Chazal say, “Whoever becomes angry, it is as though he worshiped idols.”  This is understood to the wise, because when one is angry, it means that he lost his emuna.  If he would believe that whatever occurred was from Hashem, … Continue reading

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Know and repeat often, that which Chazal say (Avos 4:5)  “One sin brings on another sin, and one mitzvah brings more mitzvos.” If you will satisfy temptation once, you will desire them many more times. But if you will be a warrior … Continue reading

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Easier to See it in Others

Whenever you notice a fault in other people, check where you yourself have that fault. We have a strong tendency to notice our own faults in others (see Kidushin 70b).  This provides us with many opportunities to learn about our … Continue reading

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Sincere Generosity

When you could have given a smaller donation and other people would have considered that amount sufficient, your giving a larger sum shows that it comes from sincere generosity. ~ R’ Simcha Zissel Ziv zt”l

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True Strength

Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.

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Stay in Control

One who does not lose control of his temper is a beloved of God. ~ Talmud Pesachim 113a

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You have No Idea

Be kind. Everyone you meet has a challenge you know nothing about. ~ The Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation

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Your Donation

If we were asked to donate money to rebuild the Beis HaMikdash, how proud we would be to have this opportunity.  We would donate to the best of our ability, in order to have a portion in this great merit. … Continue reading

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Starts with a Tiny Spark

The Gemara (Shabbos 104a) states “He who comes to cleanse himself receives help from Above.” It does not state “He who cleanses himself,” but rather, “He who comes to cleanse himself.”  The wording teaches us that with the slightest beginning, … Continue reading

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So Embarrassed

The Gehinnom that one experiences for his sins in the next world is the scalding embarrassment of having to face the truth of his mistakes in life.  The Gemara (Brachos 12) teaches “One who commits a sin and is embarrassed … Continue reading

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