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Self Confidence

“Our holy master Rebbe Nachman says: The greatest gift we can give someone is to give him back his self confidence.” ~ R’ Shlomo Carlebach

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Mar Shmuel said to Rav Yehuda: “Grab and eat, grab and drink because we’re going to leave this world, which is similar to a huge feast!” ~ Talmud Eruvin 54a

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My Treasure

The Steipler Gaon wrote: “My faith in my Creator — that is my treasure”.   A person’s faith in Hashem is the treasure that allows him to be satisfied with his lot.

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In Your Hands

“Meditate on a single pool left by the tide and all the life it holds.  On a single leaf and all the genius within it.  On all the forests of the world, all its seas, and all the life of … Continue reading

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Our Individual Talents

“Hashem gives us our individual talents and aptitudes for the purpose of getting close to Him, and not as a means to trample others.  Someone who passes the test of success with emuna will also be able to deal with … Continue reading

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The Great Masters

“Great masters or teachers can’t give us anything we don’t already possess; they can help in one thing only — to open our own pathway to the truth within.” R’ Simon Jacobson

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Don’t Leave it Behind

If it is permissible, we must use it for good.   If it can be elevated, we cannot leave it behind. ~ R’ Tzvi Freeman

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