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Heal the Soul

The words of Torah heal the soul, not the body. ~ Rambam

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Obstinacy is one of the main requirements if you are to serve God.  Understand this well.  Every person who wishes to enter the service of God, even the most insignificant of men, will inevitably have to endure innumerable ups and … Continue reading

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Follow this Rule

Follow this rule: The one who does not see the Omnipresent in every place, will not see Him in any place. ~ The Kotzker Rebbe – The answer to yesterday’s question is: Al Tira, which is found after Aleinu

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Identify that Prayer #1

I am adding something new.  IYH, every now and then, I will quote a portion of tefilah from the siddur and you have to try and figure out what tefilah it is and where it is found in the siddur.  Let’s … Continue reading

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The highest idea of Judaism is the universal brotherhood of man. ~ R’ Shimshon Refael Hirsch zt”l

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Tisha B’Av Message for Every Jew

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How it all Started

It’s amazing – shocking really – to think about everything that happened on the saddest of days, Tisha b’Av. Before we entered the Holy Land, we sent twelve spies, one from every tribe. Ten spies came back and they said … Continue reading

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The Voice of our Enemies

Why do we entreat Hashem to listen to the voices of our enemies?  The answer is that our foes hate us because we are Jews – thus, we implore Hashem to listen to their cries, for on that basis it … Continue reading

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The Mind

Man’s mind is the holy sanctuary, the Holy of Holies, the Temple, and the habitation of the sublime intellect.  If a person contemplates something bad or thinks an evil thought, is he not guilty of placing an idol in the … Continue reading

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If people would only be satisfied with essentials and if they’d only try to improve everyone else’s wellbeing and share in their common concerns, they’d conquer the world and have more than they ever wanted. ~ R’ Bahya Ibn Paquda … Continue reading

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