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Just Look Around

One who does not see G-d everywhere does not see him anywhere. ~ The Kotzker Rebbe

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The Chofetz Chayim enumerated thirty-one Torah commandments which may be violated when a person speaks or listens to loshon hora.  The number of infringements will vary in accordance with the circumstances, but on each occasion when loshon hora is spoken … Continue reading

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The List – ***Please Read!***

Prior to Rosh Hashana and in the days leading up to Yom Kippur, many of us start to think about who we spoke lashon hara about over the year and then hopefully ask those people for mechila (forgiveness).  We generally … Continue reading

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Down to the Penny

Continuing where we left off that with regard to one’s wealth, income is not the only item determined on Rosh Hashana, but rather the person’s expenses are also determined at that time…. A story is told in the Talmud (Bava … Continue reading

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Salary Review

For every Jew, there is one annual “salary review.” That is Rosh Hashanah, when one’s wealth for the coming year is determined. Income is not the only item under review, however; expenses for the year are also determined at that … Continue reading

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Easy Way to Give Charity Every Day of the Year

Many people have asked me about this, so I wanted to share this incredible opportunity with you. Many years ago, the Lubavitcher Rebbe established “Keren Hashana,” a fund that will disburse your tzedaka (charity) to worthy causes, daily, giving you the benefit … Continue reading

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Excuses Don’t Give Life

One might say, “I have no time. I’m busy. I have a wife and children. I need to make a living.” That’s all true, but what can we compare him to? He is like a person in the hospital with … Continue reading

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The Power of Teshuva

When a person returns to Hashem through teshuvah, Hashem responds by drawing him close as if he had never sinned. To the words “Hashem, Hashem,” which are the first of the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy, our Sages expound, “I am … Continue reading

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Finding Fault In Others

Es iz leichter bei andereh chesroines tsu gefinen vi bei zich meiles. It is easer to find faults in other than virtues in oneself.

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Some people came to inform Rabbi Chayim Halberstam of Tzanz that the wife of a recipient of charity was seen buying expensive duck meat. “I am much obliged for you having told me,” said Rav Chayim.  “I had thought that … Continue reading

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