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Like Children

When studying Torah, we should constantly consider ourselves children, inexperienced beginners eager to absorb as much of the Torah’s information and worldview as possible, rather than as expert adults  who might be overly self-confident and thus all too ready to … Continue reading

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Time Machine

You don’t need a time machine to change your past.  You just need to change the direction it is sending you. ~ R’ Tzvi Freeman

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One who does not see G-d everywhere does not see him anywhere. ~ The Rebbe of Kotzk

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You must ascend by gradual steps.  First you must conquer the step that’s next and after that the one after that, and so on. ~ Rav Avigdor Miller

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It’s better to eat in order to pray than to pray in order to eat. ~ R’ Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch

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The main way to gain wisdom is to remain silent and listen to the Torah thoughts of the wise. When you speak, you are not learning anything new.  But when you listen to teachers, you increase your knowledge. There is … Continue reading

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A Bracha

My bracha to you is that you shouldn’t worry, because Hashem doesn’t give to those who worry.  He gives to those who ask. ~ R’ Bunim of Peshischa zt”l

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Look Up

There’s a mashal of someone who was throwing coins and bills off a high building because he wanted attention. But everyone was looking down to collect the money, and no one was looking up at him. So he began throwing … Continue reading

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Who is helping who?

When I give tzedukah, am I helping him or is he helping me (by giving me the opportunity to do a mitzvah for which I will be handsomely rewarded)? As we go through life, we must always ask ourselves this … Continue reading

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A Spiritual Illness

A person should reflect on the fact that when he has some physical problem, he is willing to spend the time and effort to see a doctor.  Since he does this for his body, which is a garment for his … Continue reading

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