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Even the Small

Since R’ Nosson Zvi Finkel zt”l held that major offenses are the result of a series of lesser ones, he did not overlook any small deed of his students. ~ Sparks of Mussar

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Making an Effort

The commandment to trust does not prevent a person from trying to make every personal effort he can.  And conversely, making an effort and taking the initiative does not contradict the precept of trust. ~ Eved Hamelech

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You Will Get It

Anything which a person studied but did not fully comprehend in this world, he will merit understanding its true meaning in the World to Come. ~ R’ Nachman of Breslov zt”l

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All Other Worries

Hashem, my worrying about my failings in serving You properly removed from me all other worries. ~ Sefer Hamidos Lehameiri

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It Would Hurt

The Chofetz Chaim once asked someone how his financial situation was.  The person replied, “It wouldn’t hurt if it would be a little better.” “It would hurt,” the Chofetz Chaim told him.  “What the Almighty does for you is for … Continue reading

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The True Winner

Satmar chassidim organized a special Shabbos together with their Rebbe, the Divrei Yoel of Satmar zt”l.  A lot of planning, effort and money were invested to make this Shabbos a success.  But on Friday afternoon, the Rebbetzin wasn’t feeling good … Continue reading

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Create it

Torah is not a book that records history.  It is the blue print for us to create it.  ~ The answer to yesterday’s “Identify the Prayer:” “May it be Your will, Hashem, our God and the God of our … Continue reading

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