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Taken for Granted

When a person is ill, he strongly wants to become well.  He imagines that when he is cured he will feel constant happiness.  But shortly after he is cured, he takes his good health for granted. ~ Chochmah Umussar.

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Prayers for our Children

The answer to yesterday’s “Identify that Prayer” is “Viharev Na Hashem” of Birchas HaTorah at the beginning of Birchos Hashachar each morning. Regarding this prayer, the Ateres Zekeinim (Orach Chiam, Siman 47) states “Parents should always pray that their offspring … Continue reading

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Identify that Prayer #19

“Please, Hashem, our God, sweeten the words of Your Torah in our mouth and in the mouth of Your people, the family of Israel. May we and our offspring and the offspring of Your people, the House of Israel – … Continue reading

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External Factors

A truly happy person does not allow his happiness to be dependent on any external factor over which he may not have control. ~ Chochmah Umussar

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Stronger Impulses

In every stage of spiritual growth a person has different impulses and desires.  The more elevated a person becomes, the more he has to fight off strong impulses (Sukah 52a).  A person should not think he is on a lower … Continue reading

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All Set!

When the Shabbos table is set and ready by noon on Friday, it’s a segulah for shalom bayis. ~ R’ Hershel of Ziditchov zt”l

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My best

I do my best and Hashem does the rest. And when I don’t do my best, Hashem helps me clean up the mess. ~ Ms. Chevi Garfinkel

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The Right to Remain Silent

The world exists in the merit of those who remain silent [and do not answer back] in a dispute. ~ Talmud Chulin 89

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When someone gets angry on Friday, realize that it isn’t him or her; it’s the yetzer hara who is instigating the anger.  Recognize this and it will be easier to forgive.  ~ The Chida

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The Heilege Gemara

Mussar sefarim inspire us to teshuvah, but they, by themselves, are also not sufficient to free us from sins.  Learning Gemara is essential! Reb Shlomo Karliner  zt”l said that “Gemera” comes from the word “Gomrei” coals, because the Gemara is … Continue reading

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