The Heilege Gemara

Mussar sefarim inspire us to teshuvah, but they, by themselves, are also not sufficient to free us from sins.  Learning Gemara is essential!

Reb Shlomo Karliner  zt”l said that “Gemera” comes from the word “Gomrei” coals, because the Gemara is like burning coals that burns away all impurities, and it ignites one’s heart to Hashem.

The last works of Rebbe Yitzchok Vorker’s life were “The greatest taharah (purity) is the heilege Gemara.” ~ R’ Elimelech Biderman Shlita

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3 Responses to The Heilege Gemara

  1. sara leah Frid says:

    Thank you for your wonderful Divrei Torah. May I ask how women purify their Neshamas? Thank you. Mrs Frid

  2. Jack says:

    In Brief: We nee Gemara together with Mussar.

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