Prayers for our Children

The answer to yesterday’s “Identify that Prayer” is “Viharev Na Hashem” of Birchas HaTorah at the beginning of Birchos Hashachar each morning.
Regarding this prayer, the Ateres Zekeinim (Orach Chiam, Siman 47) states “Parents should always pray that their offspring be Torah learners, tzaddikim – refined in character.  They should pray with great feeling when saying Ahava Rabbah and the blessings over the Torah, especially when saying “and may we and our offspring…”  So too,  during the prayer U’va L’tzion Go’ail when saying, “in order that we don’t toil in vain and don’t have children for naught.” In these places, one should think about his children and pray intensely that they be Torah learners.  

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  1. Jack says:

    U’va L’tzion Go’ail: We Pray For The Coming of Moshiach (Not The Zionist Government)

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