Lack of Emuna

Chazal say, “Whoever becomes angry, it is as though he worshiped idols.”  This is understood to the wise, because when one is angry, it means that he lost his emuna.  If he would believe that whatever occurred was from Hashem, he wouldn’t be angry. ~ Tanya

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2 Responses to Lack of Emuna

  1. moshe borowski says:

    tx. do u have the source within the Tanya, plz? tx again

    • Emuna Daily says:

      Sorry, going forward, I will try to be more specific with the exact source when possible. However, many of these I saved from a long time ago and didn’t include in my notes the exact makor. But with this one and the one you asked about last week, I actually saw it cited in a seifer which also didn’t have any more specific information. When available though, I will try to include it going forward. Thanks!

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