The Boruch Taam

In the sefer Ohel Boruch, it is related that the saintly Boruch Taam zt”l zy”a (Boruch Frankel Thumim (1760–1828)) was sitting by a bris and was seen to smile for no apparent reason.  Someone came over to him and asked him what he was smiling about, and he responded that he had just seen a vision of Gan Eden.  The man brazenly demanded that he would like to see it as well.  In a benign way, the Boruch Taam answered him, “What’s stopping you?  Just answer Amein properly!  For the Gemora in Sanhedrin (119b) promises that whoever answers Amein with all of his concentration “they open for him the gates of Paradise.”  ~ R’ Moshe Meir Weiss

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