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Lost Everything

“In the war, I lost my entire family – I simply lost everything; but God I did not lose.” ~ The Klausenberger Rebbe zt”l (1905-1994) who during the Holocaust, lost his wife and 11 children in Auschwitz as he suffered … Continue reading

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Perfect Tranquility

A person who fears Heaven stands before the Creator of the Universe, knowing that his task is to do His will.  Nothing else is important, and therefore nothing else bothers him.  In fear of Heaven there is perfect tranquility. ~ … Continue reading

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The Best

If you are content with the best you have done, you will never do the best you can do.

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Crying Wolf

In the end, falsehood has no base on which to stand. And if the liar should later speak truthfully, no one believes him any longer. ~ R’ Menachem Mendel Leffin zt”l

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As Difficult as Splitting the Sea

How can we understand the words of our Sages (Sotah 2a, Pesachim 118a) that matchmaking and creating livelihoods for people are as difficult for Hakadosh Baruch Hu as the splitting of the sea?  Difficult for Hashem? There is no such … Continue reading

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Is our knowledge of Hashem ever sufficient?

And you shall know that I am Hashem. — Shemos 10:2 Did the first seven plagues not cause them to know? Here we learn that to “know Hashem” is an unending effort which should be continued always, because His greatness … Continue reading

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Only Human

People use the excuse, when they do something wrong, that they are only human and humans are not angels.  Indeed they are not – they are much greater! ~ The Alter of Slabodka

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