A Story to Keep in Mind at the Seider

During the Holocaust, the Bluzhever Rebbe was in one of the concentration camps and had already lost his wife and family.  It was coming close to Pesach and some people were able to get some flour and managed to make just a few matzos.  The question was who should get the matzos, the adults or the children?  So they went to the Bluzhever Rebbe and asked him this question.  He said you have to give it to the adults, since they have an obligation to eat matza at the seider whereas the kids do not.

However, a lady who had already lost her husband and many other family members, heard about the Rebbe’s p’sak and came over to the Rebbe and said “Rebba, I hope you don’t mind, but I beg to differ with you.  Please listen to me.  We don’t know who will get out of here alive.  If the adults get out of here alive, they will already know how to make a seider because they will have already experienced it as children.  But if we don’t give matzos to these children, how are they going to know about matzos in the future.  Imagine the impression of these holy children that we could make if we give the matzos to them so that they can continue the legacy of Klal Yisroel?”  The Bluzhever Rebbe was blown away and said “You are right.”  Two things happened.  The Rebbe changed his p’sak and gave the matzos to the kids, and two, he married her after the war.  ~ R’ Paysach Krohn

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