Demanding Honor

“If one becomes angry and curses and blames others who have not given him sufficient honor, that itself is proper reason for his not deserving the honor he is demanding.” ~ The Steipler Gaon from Torah Tavlin

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4 Responses to Demanding Honor

  1. Noach Peled says:

    Such a chashuveh vort. (especially while fundraising for yeshiva!) The seforim say that the most potent pleasure with which one eats away at his olam habah more than anything else is kavod, being that it is a ruchani pleasure, not a physical one.

  2. Jeremy says:

    That is really interesting. But let me ask you something: I can see why kavod is not considered physical as it is really mental, but does that mean it is “ruchani”? I REALLY want to hear more on this. It is such good mussar. I just want to understand it better.

    • Noach Peled says:

      There are two types of things in this world; gashmi things and ruchani things, things one can touch, see, etc, and things which cannot be touched or seen. And just as there is qualitatively good gashmius and bad gashmius, so too there is positive ruchanius and there is negative ruchanius. The seforim say that ruchanius is far more powerful and real than gashmius.

  3. Noach Peled says:

    For more info on kavod being ruchani and its destructive properties see Keser Rosh 137 (written by Rav Chaim of Valozhin).

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