Baruch Hu U’varuch Shemo

Rabbi Elya Lopian once repeated something he had heard from the Alter of Kelm.  He said “It was worthwhile for Hashem to create the world, and to keep it existing for six thousand years, just for one person to recite ‘Baruch hu u’varuch shemo‘ just one time.  However, saying ‘Baruch hu u’varuch shemo’ even a thousand times is less important than responding ‘Amen‘ once, and responding ‘Amen‘ a thousand times is less important than answering ‘Amen, Yehei Shmei Rabba…’ once.” ~ Serenade the King

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2 Responses to Baruch Hu U’varuch Shemo

  1. Noach Peled says:

    Vetalmud torah keneged kulam. See introduction of sefer chofetz chaim, positive commandment 11 or 12, its amazing.

  2. Jeremy says:

    What i take away from this is not only how important it is to say Amen…but that the value of all mitzvos are SO great, we cannot even fathom it. If people realized the reward they will receive for saying Amen and doing a mitzvah, they would not a waste an opportunity to do as many mitzvos as possible. It is just incredible. The problem is that we have blindfolds on in this world. Our job is to see the truth despite wearing the blindfold.

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