One Small Step

Hashem says to Klal Yisrael, “If you make an opening as small as the point of a needle, I will make an opening for you as wide as the portal of the Sanctuary.” If we take a very modest first step, Hashem will shower us with a profusion of his bounty.

But the initiative must come from us.

And so it is with Shabbos.  WE take the lead getting ready to receive the Shabbos.  Hashem responds by granting us the neshama yeseirah, “the additional soul,” which gives us a spiritual elevation that surpasses by far (yeseirah) our modest efforts as preparing ourselves to receive the Shabbos. ~ Tiferes Shlomoh

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2 Responses to One Small Step

  1. Yaakov Frankiel says:

    Hi, I’d really like to get the sources of your quotes. Where is this Tiferes Shlomo? Thank you!

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