Take Advantage of an Eis Ratzon

When one passes a difficult test, that time is an eis ratzon, a very auspicious time, for

There was a yungerman whose daughter was lo aleinu in a hospital in Be’er Sheva. The doctors lost hope for her survival. They were only treating her to alleviate her pain, before the inevitable. The doctors said that they needed a certain medication to alleviate her pain, but the hospital in Be’er Sheva didn’t have it, and it could be purchased in Tel Aviv. The father decided that he would go there – anything to help his daughter. When he got off the bus in Tel Aviv, he was confronted with great tests, but he was strong and he guarded his eyes. Then he remembered that this is an ideal time for tefillah so he davened for his daughter’s recovery.

When he finished his tefillah, he began walking towards the drug store. He was just about to go inside, when he got a phone call from his wife. He waited a few moments until his wife stopped crying and was able to speak. “Our daughter is conscious,” she said. “The shocked doctors checked her, and they say that the disease totally left her.” He was rewarded for passing the test, and his tefillos were answered at that time. ~ R’ Elimelech Biderman Shlita

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