The Steipler Gaon

Once, a young married scholar spent a long time with Rav Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky zt”l, better known as the Steipler, seeking guidance in his learning.  As the young man expressed his thanks and turned to leave, the Steipler said, “Do not forget to help out in the house.  I see that you are a true ben Torah and a masmid (diligent); but it is important to give proper attention to one’s family.  When you go home now, ask your wife if she needs your help.” The young man replied, “My wife possesses true yiras Hashem, and she wants with all her heart that I should devote myself to the study of Torah.”  “That is her mitzvah,” countered the Steipler; “your mitzvah is to help her.”

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