“Go in Peace”

“When one says ‘Lech b’shalom – go in peace’ like Avimelech did to Yitzchak, one gives his friend the illusion that the road before him will be easy, that he is already in a state of peace.  This is not the case, as life is full of spiritual and material stumbling blocks.  A person who believes that the road of life is easy will be unprepared for its pitfalls and will come to harm.  Rather, one should say ‘Lech l’shalom – go to peace.’  Peace can be attained eventually, but one must go to it and work to attain it.  It is not an easy road.”

~ R’ Avraham Yitzchak Hakohen Kook zt”l from Torah Tavlin

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1 Response to “Go in Peace”

  1. Moishe says:

    See also II Samuel Ch. 15 and gemara in brachos on this topic.

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