Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

“King Solomon, the wisest of all men advised (Ecclesiates 7:2):

‘It is better to frequent the house of mourning than the house of feasting, for it signifies the end of all men – and the living should take it to heart!’

…All of us must remember that we’re mere mortals, here today and gone tomorrow; if we forget, we’re liable to fall into spiritual slumber.  The fear and awe of our final day on earth and subsequent day of reckoning helps us monitor our thoughts, speech, and deeds.  When establishing our list of priorities, we should remember that fame and fortune are worthless in the grave; this world’s amenities are worthless in the next world.  Our ultimate objective is the world to come, and emuna will get us there.” ~ The Garden of Emuna


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2 Responses to Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

  1. Yoni Kahan says:

    What about good deeds? Limud Torah?

  2. Jeremy says:

    I think that goes without saying. What about honoring your parents, keeping shabbos, keeping kosher….? Not everything has to mentioned in each line. In the end, a person who really has emuna will do all these things.

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