Great Story about R’ Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld zt”l

In a certain city in Hungary, a childless woman brought the equivalent of $400 to her Rabbi to send to a tzadik (righteous person) to pray that she should have children.  With her approval the Rabbi sent the money and her request to Rabbi Yosef Chayim Sonnenfeld of Jerusalem.

A few weeks later, the woman’s husband angrily came to the Rabbi’s house and said, “You had no right to take such a large amount of money from my wife without my permission.  I demand that you return it to me immediately.”

The Rabbi found himself in an uncomfortable predicament and offered to repay the money himself, but said that he would only able to do it in installments.  While they were speaking, the mailman arrived at the Rabbi’s house with a registered letter.  The Rabbi opened it up and to his surprise found the money he had sent, together with a note from Rabbi Sonnenfeld.  Written on the note was the following message: “Since you wrote that the wife gave you the money, I am afraid that perhaps she did so without her husband’s approval.  Therefore, I am returning the money so that you can return it to her.  Rest assured that I will persist in praying on her behalf.  The Almighty should fulfill her wishes.”

An eyewitness related that both the Rabbi and the woman’s husband were so overcome by emotion that they could not restrain themselves from crying. ~ Amudah Denhora as quoted by R’ Zelig Pliskin

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