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Good Question

How can a man blind his eyes to his actions or slacken his efforts, if afterwards, when he can no longer straighten out what he has made crooked, he will unquestionably suffer? ~ Mesilas Yesharim

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Before the King

Arouse your concentration and remove all disturbing thoughts from your mind, so that when you pray, your thoughts will be pure. If you were speaking to an earthly king, who is here today and tomorrow in the grave, you would … Continue reading

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Correction – One Day Sale Starts Tonight!

Tonight, the 8th night of Chanukah is Zos Chanukah.  My post earlier this morning inadvertently indicated that it is today, and so I wanted to correct that.  I sent out this post today  in order to prepare for tonight and … Continue reading

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One Day Sale!

What the tzaddikim of the generation accomplish through their lofty Neilah prayers on Yom Kippur, a simple Jew can ask and accomplish with his prayers on Zos Chanukah, the eighth day of Chanukah. ~ Rav Yisroel Rhiziner zt”l Use tonight and tomorrow … Continue reading

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Living in Dark Times

In a time of increasing darkness, we must respond with an increasing of light. ~ The Lubavitcher Rebbe

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When we spin the dreidel this Chanukah, keep in mind that the gematria (numerical value) of the four letters on the dreidel, Nun, Gimmel, Hay and Shin is 358 which equals the word Moshiach, for which we eagerly await.

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One who is accustomed to kindle lights [on Chanukah] will be rewarded and have children who are Torah scholars… Talmud Shabbos 23b

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Wrapping a Present

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

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May the Merciful One perform for us miracles just like He did for our fathers, in those days, in this time. ~ Harachaman in Birachas Hamazon

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Low Battery

Imagine if your cell phone battery was on 10% and it lasted for 8 days. Now you understand Chanukah.

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