Correction – One Day Sale Starts Tonight!

Tonight, the 8th night of Chanukah is Zos Chanukah.  My post earlier this morning inadvertently indicated that it is today, and so I wanted to correct that.  I sent out this post today  in order to prepare for tonight and tomorrow.  

What the tzaddikim of the generation accomplish through their lofty Neilah prayers on Yom Kippur, a simple Jew can ask and accomplish with his prayers on Zos Chanukah, the eighth day of Chanukah. ~ Rav Yisroel Rhiziner zt”l

Use tonight and tomorrow as an opportunity to really connect with Hashem!

If you have some time to say Tehillim by the candles, I have heard that it is a segula to say the following Chapters of Tehillim after lighting the candles:

• Chapter 90: Read the last Pasuk from this chapter. “Vehi Noam Hashem…” Then go
straight into reading Chapter 91
• Chapter 91: Segula for protection and salvation from any illnesses or anything bad.
Before the Jews went to fight the yevanim, they said this perek and they
were able to win.
Say this perek 7 times out loud, 1 time quietly to yourself.

Then, you can also say the following:
• Chapter 30: Segula to get rid of fears and anxiety
• Chapter 33
• Chapter 67: This perek is in the shape of the Menora and is a Segulah for protection.

  • Chapter 19
  • Chapter 100
  • Chapter 133
  • Chapter 144

At the end of each of the above Chapters, say the prayer Ana Bekoach which could be found in the siddur after karbanos or before lecho dodi in kabalat shabbos.

At the end of these prayers, gaze at the candles and draw the “hidden light.”  It is an enormously auspicious time to pray for all your needs.

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2 Responses to Correction – One Day Sale Starts Tonight!

  1. shikkerdovid says:

    Are you allowed to use the candles to read?

  2. Emuna Daily says:

    No. There is some room for leniency because of the shamash, but I would leave the lights on while you say tehillim by the candles and then when you are done, turn off the lights and gaze at the candles.

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