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The Awesome Power of Judging People Favorably

R’ Nachman of Breslov taught that when you judge someone favorably, Hashem judges that person the same way that you judged him. For example, if you see someone eating food that is not kosher, but you think to yourself that … Continue reading

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Belief in You

Everybody believes in God, hopefully.  But do you know how much God believes in us?  The world still exists.  That means God believes in us that we can fix everything.  ~ R’ Shlomo Carlebach zt”l

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The truth is that there is no essential difference between the natural and the miraculous. Everything that occurs is a miracle.  The world has no other cause but the will of God. ~ R’ Eliyahu Dessler zt”l

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Before Eating…

The Shulchan Aruch states that one should have the following in mind before eating: “I am eating and drinking so that I may have good health and strength to serve Hashem.”

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Infinite Ways

There is nothing in the world from which you cannot learn a way of serving the Lord, may He be Blessed.  ~ The Kotzker Rebbe

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Small Mitzvah

The attitude of one who fears Hashem is to be just as scrupulous  with a small mitzvah as a big one, because no matter the level of the mitzvah, they are all the same in the sense that they are given by Hashem. … Continue reading

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The Shin on Tefillin

Why is the letter shin embossed on the Tefillin Shel Rosh? As an indication of the number of days in the year we put on tefillin.  The Jewish lunar year has 355 days.  There are 52 Shabbosos in the year, … Continue reading

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