Ashrei Ha’ish – New Song!

Happy is the man who doesn’t live according to the advice of the wicked, and does not stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful. But who finds delight in God’s Torah and reflects on His Torah day and night. ~ Tehillim 1:1-2

These first two verses of Tehillim are a translation of the lyrics from my good friend, Rabbi Noam Weinberg’s first single, Ashrei Ha’ish, which could be purchased on iTunes for just 99 cents.  It is such a beautiful song and I wish him so much hatzlocha with his music and all the good work that he does.

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2 Responses to Ashrei Ha’ish – New Song!

  1. shikkerdovid says:

    I love the part that says don’t stand in way of sinners. Dont be self righteous or sanctimonious. Beautiful

  2. David says:

    When I was a boy at Cheder we were taught to pronounce Hebrew and not to read it. Many a service is led by a man who can pronounce but not read the language of prayer
    Is Ashrei happy? Some translations say fortunate or praiseworthy

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