So Deep!

According to the holy Zohar, when God wants to show us compassion, He first sends us a gift – a person who needs our help. When we show compassion on him, God then shows compassion on us. This is as the Talmud says, “Whoever has compassion on God’s creatures, receives compassion from Heaven.” Because our actions on Earth initiate a corresponding flow from Heaven, by developing and displaying our own compassion, we earn God’s compassion from above.

This applies to more situations than just helping the poor. Whenever God wants to bless us, He sends us a corresponding act that can initiate the flow from Above. For instance, if God is angry with us, He may send us someone to upset us. When we restrain our anger, God does likewise. Encountering situations of anger, desire, or selfishness is never accidental. These are opportunities sent to us by the Creator to fix both our souls and the upper worlds.  These are moments in which we must show our commitment to God. Whether it comes to removing bad thoughts, or strengthening our positive character traits, we must not miss the opportunity. ~ R’ Yaakov Meir Schechter

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1 Response to So Deep!

  1. Chaia Frishman says:

    It’s so true. And our reaction to people is truly a mirror to our souls. Great post today. Thanks!

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