Ahallela – great song

“אהללה אלוקי ואשמחה בו ואשימה תקותי בו אהודנו בסוד עם קרובו אלוקי צורי אחסה בו”

“I shall laud my God and be glad with Him, and place my hope in Him.  I shall praise Him in the counsel of His intimate people.” ~ Piyutim following Torah Reading on Simchas Torah night.

I heard this song at a wedding recently which made a huge impression.  I then found Shea Berko & the Yedidim Choir singing it as part of this youtube video and became obsessed with it.  Listen to 2 minutes of this and it will bring you to new heights – Click here

(Warning:  If you listen to it more than 3 times, you won’t want to stop)

And here is the full version by the original singer Arele Samet which is also great – Click here


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