Special segulah today to have children and see them successful!!

I received the following from Rav Avraham Moyal Shlita:

It is already well known that the eve of the month of sivan is meyuchad (special) for prayers, especially for successful kids, or to have children etc…

The reason being that in the month of sivan we will celebrate the chag of shavuot which is indeed the time we officially became  the sons of HKB”H. For this reason on the eve of the month of sivan, which the eve of rosh hodesh is in itself a time of kapara and teshuva, we say the following prayer of the Shlah Hakadosh (see link below). This prayer should be said [Today] May 29th, by both husband and wife after having solved any issues of shalom bayis!!!

Therefore it is a big segula for the couple to spend time [today], the eve of rosh hodesh sivan trying to bring shalom between them or uplift the love, achdus and yir’at shamayim between them. Obviously this should be done in harmony and peace (and not through tochachot and argument chas veshlom).

It is with my humble blessing that anyone who tries to get chizuk from this hishtadlus should see his/her prayers answered right away and should see yeshuot venechamot amen veamen!

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