An individual is called upon to realize that everything that happens to him, whether by the hand of his parents, or siblings, or other relatives, or friends really comes from God, and these individuals are merely messengers carrying out God’s Divine plan. ~ Zohar II 198a

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Battle Time

We have the choice. U’vacharta bachaim – choose life. Every one of us is invested with the power to choose good from bad, right from wrong.

We were given the choice at the start of the path and now we have the choice to turn back and start again.

If we have the choice, then it’s our battle. Along with the choice comes the power.

It’s very hard, sometimes, but we have to internalize that the ability to change is a reality: and this is the moment of truth.

We might slip and stumble, but our job is to engage in battle and try. ~ R’ Elya Brudny

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A Beautiful Piece of Art

This is a lesson that one should live by: Treat your friends as you do your art-work and your pictures, and always make sure to place them in the best light. ~ R’ Yisrael M’Kazakov zt”l

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True Simcha

Simcha means the inner joy that has nothing to do with laughter and music and everything to do with knowledge that you’re connected to something bigger, something that really counts. 

It doesn’t mean things will always be easy or go smoothly, but it does mean you’re living reality – and there’s no better feeling. ~ R’ Chaim Rosenfeld

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The most beautiful things cannot be seen – they can only be felt with the heart. ~ The Kotzker Rebbe zt”l

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Your Own World

In spiritual matters, every single person lives in an entirely different world. One person’s world in no way touches the world of any other person. Hence, there is no need to feel envious of the spiritual accomplishments of others.

~ Michtav MaiEliyahu vol.1 p. 126

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The Gates are Open

Everyone loves Neila and that awesome high feeling we have at the end of Yom Kippur.  We say “Hashem, please don’t close the gates!”

Nobody wants the gates to close, but did you ever ask, if this is the time of closing the gates, when was the opening of the gates? 

You know when they opened?  Elul!

That feeling that you have at Neila that you don’t want to lose, you actually have 40 days of Neila, of the gates being opened before they close. 

Don’t wait until 5 minutes before they close!  They are opened now!  Start now! 

~ R’ Yaakov Mizrahi

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The Baseball Fan

A young boy dressed in a baseball uniform came to the Lubavitcher Rebbe. 

“Are you a player?” asked the Rebbe.

“No” said the child, “I was there as a fan, to cheer my team.”

The Rebbe continued “If the score is 7 to 0, can a player on the team that is losing leave, even before the game is over?”

“No, of course not,” the boy said, “he’s still in middle of the game.”

“But a spectator can leave if he wants to, right?” the Rebbe asked.

The boy nodded.

“In life,” the Rebbe looked the boy in the eye, “try not to be a spectator, who can simply get up and walk away when things look like they aren’t going your way: try to be a player, in it until the end, knowing that it’s your responsibility to try to make a difference!”

~ R’ Moshe Weinberger

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A Big Test

Everything that is given to you in this world is meant as a test. 

Intellect or wealth is a test whose purpose is to determine whether you become arrogant and use these attributes for your own gratification, or whether you utilize them to serve the Almighty.

~ R’ Eliyahu Dessler zt”l

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Image of G-d

The two words that can really reshape things are “Tzelem Elokim.”

Man is created in the image of Hashem.

That marvelous creation, called human being, is a reflection of the Divine.

Now think about it: If you really believe you’re carrying His image, would you use your mouth to speak in a lowly fashion? Would you dress improperly?

Thinking about those two words, what they tell us about who we are and what we represent, can change the way we see ourselves.  Having a sense of self-worth changes how we project ourselves, how we act.

We’ve been invested with so much, we’re carrying such dignity.

We’re too good to act any other way. ~ Rebbetzin Raquel Kirszenbaum

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