Innermost Desire

The innermost desire of every Jew, no matter what his or her outward level of observance of the Torah, is to perform G-d’s will in full. Therefore, even when we perform a commandment unintentionally, or even mistakenly“, it is really the result of our deep-seated desire to do it.

Therefore, if a person loses a coin and a poor person picks it up, G-d rewards the person who lost the coin; how much more so will G-d bless us for intentional acts of charity and kindness! ~ The Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Protect your Parnasah

The Maharsha comments on the gemara in Nazir 66b that we all have prosecuting angels in Heaven that argue why Hashem should not give us a good parnasah.

However, when we recite Birkat Hamazon with kavana, we create defense attorneys to stand up for us and protect our parnasah.

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Try this

One effective way to allow the morning blessings to truly penetrate one’s consciousness is to visualize the experience of one who lacks these gifts, and who then suddenly receives then via miracle from Above.

Pokei’ach ivrim – We can see.  To feel the impact of this blessing, imagine for one moment the soaring joy of a blind man who one day opens his eyes and, suddenly, can see beautiful colors, sights and loved ones.

Malbish arumim – We have clothes to wear.  Visualize the terrible shame and vulnerability you would feel if this were not so.  Imagine that Hashem sees your needs, and suddenly, you are clothed in clean, dignified garments.

Zokeif kefufum – He straightens the bent.  Imagine a body so stiff and racked with pain that you cannot lift your head.  With a mere touch, Hashem instantly relieves the pain and lifts your head so that you can once again walk erect, pain free.  ~ Praying with Fire 2

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Even Worse

Noach’s son, Cham, told others about his father’s drunkenness and was cursed, whereas Noach himself was not.  Thus, speaking ill of one who has sinned is worse that he who committed the sin. ~ R’ Moshe Amiel zt”l

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Blessing for Long Life

It is a wonderful practice of families to get into the habit of making their berachos out loud. Not only does this allow for the berachos to be made complete with the answers of the complementing Ameins, we also give our loved one the blessing of Long Life; for the Gemora says: “Whoever answers Amein will enjoy quality days and length of years.” ~ R’ Moshe Meir Weiss

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He Still Loves You

A good friend may wish the best for you yet feel envy when some luck comes your way.  It is momentary.  He still loves you. ~ Kotzker Rebbe zt”l

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Elevation – deep!

When you pray, have in mind to arouse the letters with which were created heaven and earth, all creatures above and below, and all universes.  If you do this, then all universes and all creation will join you in worship.

When you do this, arouse these letters, which are the life-force of all creation, and they join your prayers.  Thus your thoughts can elevate all creation, and earth alike…

The Baal Shem Tov once told his disciples, “You must even pray for a bird that might be flying by and singing.”

~ R’ Zechariah of Jaroslaw, Darkei Tzedek as quoted by R’ Aryeh Kaplan zt”l

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