Different Levels

“The greater the man, the greater his evil inclination.” ~ Succah 52a

There are many different kinds of evil inclination. The common run people have a very low sort of evil inclination.  Their desires are grossly materialistic.  In fact, they are quite nonsensical.  Anyone who has a clear head and can begin to form some slight conception of the true greatness of the Creator can see that such desires are mere foolishness and idiocy….His own evil inclination is on a far higher plane because his own level is higher.  He has begun to acquire an understanding of truth.  ~ R’ Nachman of Breslov zt”l

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Awe Inspiring

To fear God is to be moved by a sense of awe, like that which one experiences in the presence of a great and awe-inspiring king.  In every move that one makes, one ought to feel self-abased before the greatness of God.  This is especially true when one addresses God in prayer or engages in the study of Torah. ~ Ramchal

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Seeking Wisdom

In seeking wisdom, the first step is silence, the second listening, the third remembering, the fourth practicing, and the fifth teaching others. ~ R’ Shlomo Ibn Gabirol (1021-1058)

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All the wealth in the world doesn’t compare to a moment when a Yid has yishuv hadaas (serenity and peace of mind). ~ R’ Moshe of Korbin zt”l

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Sighing over a transgression decreases part of the severity of the offense. ~ Lev Eliyahu (vol. 1, p 121)

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Thinking about You

The Chasam Sofer teaches: When a person thinks about Hashem, Hashem will think about him.

As it states (Mishlei 3:6), בְּכָל־דְּרָכֶ֥יךָ דָעֵ֑הוּ  with everything you do, remember Hashem. And if you will do so וְ֝ה֗וּא יְיַשֵּׁ֥ר אֹֽרְחֹתֶֽיךָ, He will give you success in all your ways. For if you think about Hashem, Hashem is thinking about you, to help you. ~ R’ Elimelech Biderman Shlita

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Whoever enjoys Shabbos, his heart’s desires will be fulfilled. ~Shabbos 118

I wish you all a very enjoyable Shabbos, this week and every week!

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