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A Society of Evil-Doers

My son, do not sit among a group of slanderers.  When their words ascend Above, they are recorded in a ledger, and all who were present are recorded together as a “society of evil-doers.” ~ The Tanna Rebbe Eliezer HaGadol … Continue reading

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It’s All Good

A person should acquire the habit of constantly repeating “Whatever the Almighty does is for the good.” ~ Shulchan Aruch – Orach Chayim 230:5

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Regardless of Wealth

We should show honor and respect to every person we meet regardless of whether they are wealthy or poor. The only difference between a wealthy person and the poor person is the amount of money they have.  Both are created … Continue reading

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Hashem could have made a system that produces food within us; sunshine and the air [could] combine with the water that we drink, and food and starch [would be] created inside of us like plants. But no – Hashem wanted the food to come from … Continue reading

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Before Eating…

The Shulchan Aruch states that one should have the following in mind before eating: “I am eating and drinking so that I may have good health and strength to serve Hashem.”

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Realize that the money you keep for yourself is limited in the extent to which it helps you: it cannot help you at all after you die.  But the money you give to tzedukah will save you from suffering in the … Continue reading

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Prosecuting Angels

No organ is as self-destructive as the mouth.  Every forbidden word creates a prosecuting angel.  In just one hour, hundreds of words of lashon hara and rechilus can be spoken.  Conversely, if a person speaks as he should, his speech … Continue reading

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