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Sage Advice

Shimon his son says:  All my days I have been raised among the Sages, and I found nothing better for oneself than silence; not study, but practice is the main thing; and one who talks excessively brings on sin.” ~ … Continue reading

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Every Morning

“The world is new to us every morning – this is G-d’s gift, and every person should believe he is reborn every day.” ~ Baal Shem Tov

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Why were our Forefathers Barren?

“Rabbi Yitzchak said: Why were our forefathers barren?  Because G-d desires the prayers of the righteous.” ~ Talmud, Yevamoth, 64a.

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The Torah

“We have preserved the Book, and the Book has preserved us.” ~ David Ben Gurion

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It’s all good

“Everything Hashem does is for the very best…. A mortal can’t possibly see or understand all the variables that Hashem takes into account.  Just as a courtroom judge can’t try a case – or comes to a mistaken verdict – … Continue reading

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Why do we say Hallel tonight?

“Every miracle, every incident that occurred during Yetzias Mitzrayim bespeaks eternity.  So much so that when that date on the calendar arrives, the Jew must relate to ‘then’ as if it were ‘now.’  As we say, ‘One must regard himself … Continue reading

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Faith of the Women

“When you look carefully into the story of the exodus, you see that the true redeeming force was the faith of the women. Today, history is repeating itself.” – Bringing Heaven Down to Earth by Tzvi Freeman

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“A Jew is like dough from which matzah is baked.  As long as one works and kneads it, it is fine.  Left unattended, it becomes chametz.” ~ R’ Yechezkel of Kuzmir zt”l from Torah Tavlin

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Awesome Story

This story is a bit longer than my typical quotes, but it’s really one of the greatest stories I have ever read.  Enjoy! “In the time of the Yeshuos Yaakov, there was a Yid in Lemberg who was so hungry … Continue reading

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Never Despair

“In recalling the Exodus, a Jew should remind himself never to despair from spiritual striving, no matter how dismal his situation.” ~ R’ Tzadok Hakohen ofLublinzt”l from Torah Tavlin

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