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Proof of God

There is a famous story in which the Kaiser asks Bismarck, “Can you prove the existence of God?”Bismarck replies, “The Jews, your majesty. The Jews.”

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A Close Friend

“All blessings begin, ‘Blessed be Thou,’ as though the person were speaking to a close friend.” ~ R’ Elazar Ben Yehuda von Worms zt”l

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“Oftentimes, as time passes, we see in retrospect how a particular seemingly-bad situation turned out for the very best.  At other times, we never become privy to Hashem’s considerations, calculations, and motivation for putting us through a certain trying and … Continue reading

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Sage Advice

Shimon his son says:  All my days I have been raised among the Sages, and I found nothing better for oneself than silence; not study, but practice is the main thing; and one who talks excessively brings on sin.” ~ … Continue reading

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Every Morning

“The world is new to us every morning – this is G-d’s gift, and every person should believe he is reborn every day.” ~ Baal Shem Tov

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Why were our Forefathers Barren?

“Rabbi Yitzchak said: Why were our forefathers barren?  Because G-d desires the prayers of the righteous.” ~ Talmud, Yevamoth, 64a.

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The Torah

“We have preserved the Book, and the Book has preserved us.” ~ David Ben Gurion

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