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Forbidden Talk

The following is drawn from the writings of the holy Alshich: How can one speak before the King of kings with a mouth which utters forbidden talk? Would not God, as it were, respond, “Who is this shameful person who … Continue reading

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Small things

“Great things are not what is demanded from our generation. The previous generations did all that for us. We need only do the small things—but in a more difficult time. For us, self-sacrifice could mean nothing more than a simple … Continue reading

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On Our Feet

“The kindness and special quality in G-d’s making man upright, to walk erectly, is that though he walks on the earth he sees the Heavens; not so with beasts that go on all fours; they see only the earth.” ~ … Continue reading

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Two Pockets

“A man should have two pockets.  In one he should put the concept of ‘I am but dust and ashes,’ and in the other, ‘For me the world was created.” ~ R’ Menachem Mendel of Kotzk zt”l as quoted in … Continue reading

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Not What, but How!

If one gives his friend all the gifts in the world with a sour face, he has given him nothing.  But one who receives his friend with a cheerful face, even if he has given him nothing else, has given … Continue reading

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How to Choose a Livelihood

“One who trusts in God chooses a source of livelihood that offers his body more rest, acquires for him a good name, affords him leisure for reflection, is most conducive to fulfilling his religious duties, and is in harmony with … Continue reading

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No Reward for a Mitzva in this World ***

This past shabbos, I gave over a D’var Torah in shul and made reference to the following, which is one of the deepest teachings I have come across and a true “game changer” if taken to heart.  It is certainly … Continue reading

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