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“Sin is sweet in the beginning, but bitter in the end.” ~ Talmud (not sure where specifically)

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Concerned about your Emuna?

“You write to me you are concerned that you no longer believe. If you don’t believe, then why does not believing concern you?” ~ The Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l

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A vort iz vert a sileh; shveigen iz vert tsvai. – Talk is worth a shilling; silence is worth two.

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Rav Kook’s Mincha

The Gerrer Rebbe said, “I wish my neila on Yom Kippur would be like Rav Kook’s everyday Mincha.”

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A Jewish Cry

How did Pharaoh’s daughter know that the child that she was pulling from the river was Jewish just from hearing him cry? Because a Jewish cry is unique; together with despair it contains an element of hope.  A Jew is … Continue reading

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Everything is upside down?

Rebbe Nachman says, you are angry at Hashem that everything is upside down, and therefore you are sad, but everything us upside down only because you are sad, if only you were happy, everything would be good!” ~ R’ Shlomo … Continue reading

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Massive Jigsaw Puzzle

“We are all complimentary of each other, none of us complete, each one contributing what the other lacks, each one adding his touch of perfection to his fellow. Like a massive jigsaw puzzle, we fit together to make a single perfect whole. None of … Continue reading

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