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The Sound of Torah

“I am like the mill owner who hears the noise of his mill grinding and is happy and relaxed because he knows that the mill is working properly and work is getting done.  Similarly, the sound of Torah learning, no … Continue reading

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On the Last Day of Pesach

“On Acharon Shel Pesach, the radiance of the light of Moshiach is shining openly!” ~ The Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l

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R’ Natan of Bresolv’s Complete Trust 

Once, on the last market day before Pesach, Rebbe Natan still did not have any money to buy his household needs for the festival. Before he could even say his morning prayers, his wife, Dishel, pressed him for money, causing him … Continue reading

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“Before the experience of Mount Sinai, the coarse material of which the world is made could not be elevated. It could be used as a medium, an aid in achieving enlightenment, but it itself could not be enlightened. Jacob used sticks for … Continue reading

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“Just as one goes early to the market to take advantage of bargains, so too, should one rush out to seize every opportunity to perform mitzvos!” ~ R’ Aharon Hagadol of Karlin zt”l from Torah Tavlin

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Here the Son Asks

Before the Ma Nishtana in many Haggados, the words “kan haben shoel” (“Here the son asks”) is found.  There is a profound message in these words.  “Here” – the night of the seder – is an auspicious time for every … Continue reading

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De Fir Kashas – Ma Nishtana in Yiddish

Tatta, ich vil d’fraigen de fir kashes (Father, I will ask the four questions.) Question 1 Alla nacht fun a ganz yar (All of the rest of the year) Essen mir chametz u’matzah, (I eat leavened products and matzah,) Uhbar … Continue reading

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