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What makes the Yeitzer Hara Happy

The Yeitzer Hara itself is happy when people do not fall prey to its enticements. ~ The Kotkzer Rebbe zt”l

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The faults we see in others are the reflected ones from ourselves. ~ R’ Lazer Brody The answer to yesterday’s “Identify that Prayer” is Hodu at the beginning of Pesukei D’Zimrah

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Identify that Prayer #9

Give thanks to Hashem, declare His Name, make His acts known among the peoples.  Sing to Him, make music to Him, speak of all His wonders. Glory in His holy Name, be glad of heart, you who seek Hashem. Search … Continue reading

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Step up

In times such as ours, when capable people are scarce, anyone who shows willingness to tackle a vital problem has divine assistance heaped upon him. ~ R’ Eliyahu Dessler zt’l

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Personal Dignity

Modesty is not about being covered up, but about awareness of a private life and of personal dignity.  Today this concept of private dignity does not exist. As a result, everything is flaunted, everything is public. ~ R’ Yaakov Weinberg … Continue reading

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Training Children

As with any mitzvah, a child should be trained to avoid speaking loshon hora as soon as he reaches the age of understanding in this regard.  It is common for children to denigrate the food they are served, causing hurt … Continue reading

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R’ Yaakov Kamenetsy zt”l

Once, R’ Yaakov was to meet someone at Manhattan’s Penn Station at 7:00 A.M. for a trip out of town.  R’ Yaakov arrived at the station looking exhausted, having spent a sleepless night.  He explained to his companion that when … Continue reading

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How the Arizal became the Arizal

All of my lofty spiritual achievements were attained through joy in the performance of a mitzvah. ~ The Arizal

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The Head of a Pin

When two people love one another, they can stand together on the head of a pin.  When two people hate one another, the whole world is not wide enough for them to coexist. ~ R’ Shlomo Ibn Gabirol zt”l

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Ahavat Yisrael

The mitzva of ahavat yisrael extends to anyone born into the people of Israel, even if you have never met him. How much more so does it extend to every member – man or woman of the Jewish community where … Continue reading

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