“Those who ask the most questions are the ones who suffer the most.”                                    – The Garden of Emuna

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  1. Jeremy says:

    I realized that this quote could use a bit of commentary. This is obviously not talking about asking too many questions in science class. The types of questions referred to here are as follows: why me? Why is he rich and I am poor? Why does this guy live on easy street and I am constantly struggling? Asking questions like these only makes a person more depressed. We will learn that the universal answer to all these questions is to have emuna.

  2. emunaman says:

    This statement definitely needs to be qualified. especially at this current time of the year which reminds us and encourages us to be inquisitive. questions give a person a deeper understanding of the emes.

  3. Yoni Kahan says:


    Thanks for clarifying. Inquisitive questions are good – but questions that we can’t possibly answer (why do the righteous suffer) can never be answered. Though it can be challenging to “just have faith” when the righteous suffering contributes to a lack of faith.

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