I am Hashem…and no other

“These few words give us the whole message of the Haggadah.  This is what it was all about, going out from Egypt: believing in one God, just the Only One.  What does it mean to believe?  Rebbe Nachman explains: There are two kinds of knowledge in the world – they’re so different they’re almost like two worlds.  There is emes, truth, and then there is emuna, believing.  It’s not that the things we believe in aren’t the truth; it’s that belief is so much deeper than just truth.  Because truth is just things that we know, things that we can figure out, things that can be understood and proven.  But that sort of thing is so limited; and that’s where faith begins.  It begins where knowing the truth leaves off.  Belief is so much deeper – I can’t prove it, but I know something that goes beyond knowing.  You know, it’s like a beautiful song: I can sit here describing it all day, but really it’s beyond my power to describe.  Beyond what I can tell you lies so much more – gevalt, is it deep!  My blessing for you is that you’ll be able to pass on to your children the belief in the One, the only One.  It’s the best thing in the world for them to have, because with belief we can survive all the tornadoes of the world.

When everything looks wrong to us; when the house is falling apart; when the house has already collapsed; when someone has just died – what do we do then?  We get up and yell ‘Yisgadal v’yiskadash shmeih rabba!  God’s name is great; everything is still good.’  You know, my sweet friends, we can really say that, because in the deepest, most inside part of us, we know that Hashem is taking care of the world.  And even if we don’t know what’s going on just now, we believe it’s for the good, we believe it will be good in the end; and believing is so much more than knowing.”                                                                                      – R. Shlomo Carlebach – The Carlebach Haggadah

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2 Responses to I am Hashem…and no other

  1. deena rahmani says:

    Jeremy, thank you for that one…. It really hit home

  2. Dov B says:

    That was written beautifully and indeed, Pesach is the Yom Tov of Emunah – the Zohar refers to Matzah as the the “Bread of Emunah” and the “Bread of Healing” – we should keep that in mind when we fulfill the mitzvah of eating Matzah at the Seder

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