Advice For Those Who Plan On Learning All Night on Shavuos

On one occasion, the Chofetz Chaim admonished his son not to go in the way of youths who disrupt their Torah learning to engage in idle conversation. Young Aryeh Leib replied, “But it is not proper to ignore a friend or acquaintance who approaches me in the beis midrash!” The Chofetz Chaim replied:

 “Have you ever noticed how on market day every merchant is totally preoccupied with selling his wares to the throngs who crowd around his stand? Now, what if at that time the merchant would be approached by a relative whom he has not seen for a very long time? Do you think that he will engage him in lengthy conversation as the customers stand waiting? Certainly not! He will greet his relative and then beg forgiveness for being unable to converse at that time, and he will ask the relative to return after dark when the market is closed for the day. Then he will greet him warmly and spend more time with him.”

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