Lessons from the Manna – More or Less

“This is what God has commanded: each person should gather as much [manna] as he needs to eat (i.e,) an omer for each person.  You should take (one omer) for every person in your tent.  The children of Israel did so; there were those that gathered too much and those that gathered too little.  (When they came home and) and measured it with an omer-measure (they found that, miraculously), whoever had gathered too much did not have more (than an omer per person), and whoever gathered too little did not have less.  Each one had gathered exactly what he needed to eat.” ~ Exodus 16: 16-18

Thus, the amount of manna that each family received was a divinely-ordained amount that, regardless of any man’s efforts, could not be altered.  He who took more had his portion lessened.  He who took too little had his portion increased.  In other words, a person’s wealth is directly proportional with the amount that he needs to sustain himself and his family. ~ The Garden of Riches

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