Not Just a Written Test

While learning about emunah is easy, applying the ideas in everyday life is far more difficult.  If there was a written test on the subject of emunah, many people would score 100.  But this does not mean they have real emunah.  Knowledge of the material is an intellectual achievement; practicing it in real life is a function of our emotions.  How can we tell if we truly have emunah?

The first way to know is to determine whether our mood changes under changing circumstances.  A person with emunah is always calm, cool and at ease, regardless of the situation, because he knows that everything that is happening is under the full control of his loving Father for his benefit.  Such a person never experiences mood swings, and never gets angry when things don’t go as he had planned. This is not an “all or nothing” enterprise.  Developing emunah is a lifelong process.  But the closer we approach complete emunah, the happier we will be in our lives. We should always ask Hashem for His help every step of the way.  Hashem’s salvation can surface in an instant; we just have to believe it! ~ Divrei Chizuk

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