A Chavrusa with Hashem

No quote today.  Instead, I want to share something incredible that I heard many years ago which we probably have all experienced.
You ever learn some Torah in one place and then within a short matter of time, you hear or see it somewhere else?   Well, my friends, this is not a coincidence; this is Hashem learning with you.  
It is so very deep and such a privilege when it happens.  Momish a chavrusa with Hashem!
It is on my mind because B’H’, it has been happening so often lately, that I just had to share this amazing thought with you and see if it is happening with you.  It is like a small miracle each time it happens.
I would love to hear comments if this has happened to you.
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6 Responses to A Chavrusa with Hashem

  1. orly says:

    It has definitely happened to me!! But neva paid much attention to such a phenomenon! Thanks for opening my eyes to such a wonder!

  2. Rachelle says:

    I was listening to a shiur today on Kol Halashon which mentioned a story about Rabbi Yagen. Tonight, I was learning from Rabbi Ashear’s sefer, Living Emunah, with my weekly chavrusa and we “happened” to read the chapter that had a similar story about Rabbi Yagen’s emunah!

    • Jeremy says:

      Love it. Isn’t it the greatest feeling?

    • mirel says:

      this happens to me very often.It just happened when I read your short e-mail on silence I have been studying for some time rav nachman’s torah 6 inlikutei mohoran with rebbi naason maimon on the internet and it is exactly what you quoted. that silence(the outer manifestation and the deeper inner manifestation of silence)is the way to teshuva. I also practicethe spiritua lprinciple in the 12 step program of a.a. and the idea is the same.the only reason we get angry is because things aren’t going the way I want. my little plans aren’t being fulfilled. thanks for the e-mails

  3. Shulamit says:

    So beautiful! Yes I have noticed that quite a lot and I always thought it was so neat, but never thought of it this way. Very inspiring!

  4. melanie says:

    this always happens!

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