Nach Yomi

I want to bring to your attention that today is the first day of Nach Yomi, which you can sign up for here along with other daily emails.  I believe it will consist of a daily email which will include a link to a 5 minute overview of a chapter of Navi each day as well as some bullet points which take about a minute to read.  Meaning you can listen to a quick shiur or just read the quick overview (or both).  Again, it starts today, so it is a good time to join.  (Note there is another “Emuna Daily” that this link allows you to sign up for.  It is not affiliated with this site, but I am still a fan).

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One Response to Nach Yomi

  1. Emuna Daily says:

    I mistakenly didn’t mention this yesterday, but before purchasing the Kosher Switch, ask your local orthodox rabbi whether it is permissible.

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