Even When There is No Damage

If you say something derogatory about another person, you are guilty of speaking loshon hora even if that person does not suffer any consequent loss or damage.  An example of this is a case where the listener refused to believe a derogatory statement that you told him. ~ Guard Your Tongue

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1 Response to Even When There is No Damage

  1. Arthur Alexander says:

    > A little girl walked to and from > school daily. Though > the weather that > morning was questionable and clouds > were forming, she > made her daily trek to > the elementary school. > As the afternoon progressed, the > winds whipped up, > along with thunder and > lightning. The mother of the little > girl felt > concerned that her daughter > would be frightened as she walked > home from school in > the rain with thunder and lighting. > She decided to go and meet her on > the way. As she > walked towards her she saw that the little girl was walking along, > but at each > flash of lightning, the child would stop, look up and smile. Another > and > another were to follow quickly and with each the little girl would > look at the > streak of light and smile. > When the mother cought up to her she asked, “What are > you doing? Why do you keep stopping? > The child answered, ” I am > trying to look pretty, > Hashem keeps taking my picture.” > May Hashem bless you today as you > face the storms that > come your way. And don’t forget to > SMILE! >

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